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Nonton One Eyed 5 Four Tigers War (2016) - BERSAMA21.COM

One Eyed 5 Four Tigers War (2016)

Genre: Action, Drama
Quality: Year: Duration: 72 MinView: 245 views

Encounter a piano girl, this girl named Wang Zhujun (Li Wenjun). Because of her husband gambling, she had to be in the pub to maintain this broken house. Temporarily get along, I have to germination between the love and Wang Zhujun, in the face of this feeling, both sides are at a loss. This feeling does not come from instinct and desire, it also has a deeper meaning for me. Wore Wang Zhujun’s husband and the bullying organizations around the multiple pressures, in the face of this unfamiliar but sultry feelings, I have to how to deal with.

Cast: , ,
Language: 普通话

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